#momlando hack: Birthday Party Presents

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3 Responses

  1. Liz says:

    Ahh these are adorable!! What a great idea!! I feel like we are going to a birthday party every other week! I have found this truck that my son loves and I bought a ton of them, and that is the present that we give. But now like everyone in has class has one of these trucks from us, so I need to find something different! Love this idea!

    • Momlando says:

      Thank you!! I did a whole year of bubble wands and bubble machines when the babies were all one. I’ll definitely bust that out again when my son starts getting invited to baby birthdays. But you’re right it makes the rounds and you have to figure out something new!

  2. Since we are in Florida, and summer is pretty much year round, I love using my circuit to create personalized sand buckets and pack it full of fun outdoor items like bubbles, sidewalk chalk/paint, water balloons, pool toys, water guns, ect.