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Taking photos is a favorite pastime of mine.  I love to capture memories with my family, friends, and now of my sweet littles.  Sometimes I marvel at how far technology has come that makes it so easy to take a full on photo shoot at any given moment with just your phone.  Sure sometimes the folks around me groan when I say ‘Let’s take one more photo’ but inside they’re happy to have someone nearby that is so committed to posterity (At least that’s what I tell myself).  And if they’re not, well who cares because they should just smile and take the photo, it’s much quicker than protesting.  

Central Florida’s very distinct neighborhoods come with their own vibe and aesthetic which provide endless photo opportunities.  Here are some of my favorites.

Casa Feliz

656 N Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

Hands down, my favorite photo spot in town.  Casa Feliz is a historic Spanish farmhouse that was restored and moved to its current location.  Truly fascinating history.  You can read more about that here.  

One of the things that makes for a great photo location is having multiple spaces to shoot.  The outside of Casa Feliz provides for many different backdrops all equally gorgeous.  Also nearby across the street is a fountain and wall area that provides for lovely photos too.  

It’s a stunning location and worth checking out when you’re on Park Avenue.  It’s just before the shopping and retail space ends and neighborhoods begin.  Perfect for an afternoon to shop, eat, and explore.

NOTE:  In researching this blog post I found photoshoot guidelines for Casa Feliz!  Abide by the rules dudes.  I would not say I have broken these rules in the past. I would say I’m a full-on amateur photographer who just takes a few pics with friends for funzies.  #scoutshonor

Orlando Weekly made a list of ‘24 things Orlandoans are irrationally obsessed with’ and photos in front of murals was one of them.  I was so happy to see that I’m a full-on Orlando cliche.  I love our murals all throughout downtown.  My favorites include:

Greetings Tour Postcard Mural  

703 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

Greetings Tour murals can be found across the country and I’m so glad Orlando is one of the honored locations!  It’s a must stop photo spot if you ask me.  We went very early in the morning before anything nearby was open.  This mural has parking spots in front of it so if you don’t time it right your shot might be blocked.

College Park at David’s Cycle

2517 Edgewater Drive Orlando

I don’t know if this mural has a name but it has so many things I love:  Bright colors, swans, oranges, sunshine, and the Lake Eola Fountain.  The mural artist, Richard Minino (Horsebites Murals), has several beautiful works around town.  A few more are on my list!

Bonus: The Soda Fountain is right next door with an ‘Eat More Ice Cream’ mural. Stop there for another photo opp! And eat ice cream, of course.


Track Shack, 1104 N Mills Ave.

I know it’s hard for most of us to put into words the sadness we felt after Pulse.  When you try to brightside it, it’s hard.  It hurts.  And it doesn’t feel like enough.  Many of us turned our love of the city outward the result of which included some beautiful murals around town.  I love this one in the extra parking lot by Track Shack.  

Bonus: Across the street you’ll find Rise Above Tattoo (1009 N Mills Ave.) that has a super rad Gator mural.  It’s another one from Horsebites. 


You already know my feelings about eating at Se7enBites.  Add beautiful photo spots to your list.  There are 3 murals on one wall here. Technically they are on Pho Hoa’s wall facing the Se7enBites parking lot.  All of Pho Hoa’s walls are wrapped with stunning murals, photo opps abound.

Ashley B Graphics’ Love Orlando, Horsebites’ Mockingbird, and Keep Dancing Orlando all share one wall.  Go visit and take photos and then stop in for Pho or some country favorites.  

If you want more downtown mural locations, Bungalower has a comprehensive list of the ones downtown.  Check it out!

DeLand Wings

Pill Alley DeLand, FL

DeLand is super cute and has a really fun Main Street to check out.  But I only know this because I really wanted to take a photo with the wings and planned an outing there.  It’s so beautiful!  If you go, check out De La Vega  an awesome Latin American restaurant with hibiscus everything.

Where’s your favorite spot to take photos around Orlando?  I’m always searching for new ideas!


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