A little Elf talk.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard of the Elf on the Shelf.  The tradition has swept the nation and most certainly the internet.  On December 1st the elf arrives and serves as a reminder to your kids that Santa is watching and waiting to hear if you’re on the naughty or nice list.  Check out Pinterest and you’ll have endless inspiration on unique and hilarious ways to move your elf around the house.  I checked in with two mamas who have welcomed the elf into their homes for the very first time.

From Jen, Kennedy’s Mommy

What made you want to do the Elf on the Shelf?

I can’t recall exactly what year Elf on the Shelf started, maybe 2010/2011? (Momlando Note: It was 2005!) In 2011 we got married and for our first Christmas my husband bought me an Elf on the Shelf, so we could have one as a family. So for years even without a kid we had the little lady elf in our house, hanging out watching us.

This year became a little more “real.” as our daughter is now 3. So we did have a discussion this year about introducing it. I had a few concerns, once the Elf enters your house he is there for years. He helps to create the magic of Christmas in the child’s eyes but are we ready to have this Elf around for years?! Maybe we could wait one more year?!  Secondly, I am not a Pinterest Mom, I try really hard to be one, but the truth is I’m not; so with the pressure of the all the Elf posts, I had fear of failure (I know silly, but true). So we did agree – no “scenes” are needed, and pressure removed. Lastly, this little Elf has taken over! If we did not have an Elf, would our child be the only one who didn’t?  

What are your parameters for the Elf?

She arrived on Dec. 1 and moves nightly. We do not have elaborate scenes or anything fancy, she just hangs out in locations around the house. She is here just to see how Kennedy is doing and if she does something super awesome, will report back to Santa. But really she is just here, hanging out.

What is your elf’s name?

After reading the book, Elf on the Shelf, and learning all about the Elf’s role. When she arrived to our house she was aptly named – “Elf on the Shelf.”

How is Kennedy enjoying it?

Every morning, she loves looking for the Elf and where she has moved. She is still taking in the concept and asks questions like, Why is she still here? Why are her eyes still open? How did she get here? But on the other hand, we have to leave the Elf a snack every day because she is “tired from flying, building toys and wrapping gifts.”

How much are you enjoying it?

So far, so good. I can be honest and say all of my internal fears and what-ifs, were truly that, made up in my head. This year is similar to when we did the Elf without kids. It is just a little something to help get everyone excited about Christmas.

What’s your favorite part so far?

It has been fun to watch Kennedy’s excitement every morning when looking for the Elf. It honestly gets me more excited about Christmas morning. The magic and excitement in kids, truly can’t be beat. And if a little Elf can help bring out the magic in me, while watching through Kennedy’s eyes, I am in.

From Natasha, Evie’s Mommy

What made you want to do the Elf on the Shelf?

Simply to enhance the holiday magic for Evie. And to have a mischievous elf around.

What are your parameters for the Elf?

He leaves each night and appears in a new spot each morning. Evie cannot touch him or his magic might disappear. He reports back to Santa, but I’m vague on exactly what that means with her.

What’s the elf’s name?

Vishnu we call him “Vish” for short.

How is Evie enjoying it?

She loves looking for him every morning. We read the book on Nov. 30 to tee it up for Dec. 1. Hope we can keep her interested for the rest of the month!

How much are you enjoying it?

I love it. He’s been a good little scout elf thus far. I figure I have some time to make him mischievous.

What’s your favorite part so far?

The holiday magic it creates and getting to see it through her eyes.

Do you have an elf causing mischief in your house?  What’s your favorite holiday tradition with your family?