Our Year of No Spending!

It’s 2018!  Time for goals and changes! For the past few weeks Dadlando and I had been looking at our financials from the year and realizing that things weren’t looking great.  It’s not a surprise really, we added a new baby to the family this year and doubled our daycare bill.  Yipes.  We knew we needed to trim back and reset some habits.  Enter this article by Ann Patchett on her year of no shopping.  Did you read it?  At least half the internet did.  Did you love it?  Hate it?  Think it was trite and privileged?  Yeah, half the internet did too.  But it spoke to me, and quickly Dadlando and I agreed on our year of no spending. 

Why a year of no spending?  Aside from the obvious money saving, it will force us to make conscious choices on what we’re spending again.  It will remind me to really decide when it’s worth it to go to lunch with a friend or for dadlando and I to get a babysitter for date night.  It will give us the time we need to make adjustments to our larger family and now larger bills.  

Much like Ann we’ve set our own arbitrary rules.  We’ll buy groceries and necessary items only.  Unnecessary spending on lunches out or coffee need to be covered with cash on hand from gifts or extra income.  So if you see me out mowing lawns you’ll know I’m just dying to eat some tacos.  That’s a joke.  But also not implausible I guess.

We will face a ton of challenges sticking to the year of no spending.  We have four weddings, who knows how many birthday parties, and of course those regular weekday nights when we don’t feel like making dinner.  But even 75% no spending will do us all the good we need to reset.   Stick around for 2018 and our year of no spending.  I’ll report back on how we did at the end of each month.  I’m sure you’ll hear from Dadlando a bit too.  Cheer us on, leave us your frugality tips, and let us know what you’re doing in 2018 to improve your life.

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