Monthly Mix: June

Follow along my monthly mix as I explore Orlando with family and friends.  Each month I’ll bring my list to shake up our routine and try new fun things.  Here’s what I’m up to this month.

Must Try:  We recently thought to buy our own cold brew pitcher and are drinking all the caffeinated things!   We want to figure out how to make the most perfect delicious brew.  Flavor city here we come.  Yeah, I said that.

Must Eat:   Local seafood adventures continue!  And even though my May selection was a bust, I’m determined!  Years ago we found Cafe Heavenly in New Smyrna Beach and have been fans ever since.  It has been longer than I can remember so I think it’s time for another stop.  

With the Kids:  Throughout May we found ourselves on two different occasions painting outside.  First at Violet’s end of school year party and then later at Kids Fringe.  Both times Violet could’ve stayed there for hours to paint.  She was so calm and peaceful….and occupied!  It got me thinking about this small fence we have in our backyard that we’ve wanted to brighten up.  Sounds like a job for Violet Van Gogh.

Wild Card:  Orlando Museum of Art’s First Thursday is one of those things I’ve always wanted to do and so tonight I’m having a little BFF date to check it out.  Each month on the First Thursday, Orlando Museum of Art hosts local artists with a themed event featuring food, drinks, and music.  This month’s theme is “Florida Grown”. I’m so excited! 

How will you mix it up this month?  Let me know if you take on any of these adventures.  And check back for my updates on how things turn out!

Image Sources: Coffee Lobster