Monthly Mix: May Recap

Check out the first part of the series (click here) to see what I set out to see, do, eat, and make this month!  

Must Try:  In effort to knock out some of my untouched Pinterest pins, I put this buckeye cake on my list.  I added it to my Mother’s Day plans so I could spend time baking with my toddler.  I only read the recipe in depth when we were throwing together our grocery list for the week.  Oh goodness what a reminder that I should read recipes first!  It was a low carb and sugar cake and had a lot of very specific ingredients.  I bit off more than I could chew right out the gate.  I decided I could easily substitute for things I had.  This is so comical because one of the things I love about baking is that it’s a science and if you just do exactly what the recipe says things will work out in your favor.  Luckily, my substitutions were alright and my family (and later, my co-workers) enjoyed the cake.  It was definitely at its best after it had fully chilled in the fridge.  Of course it was nowhere near as pretty the original post.  But I’ll take edible over gorgeous any day of the week.

Must Eat:  Scott Joseph’s review of Capsized Kitchen is what set me on my way to visit this seafood joint.   But halfway through May they closed while they build out their new location!  I’m putting this one on the shelf for now but will be there as soon as they reopen.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.29.56 PM

With the Kids:  We are one month into swim lessons and things are going, dare I say, swimmingly!  The first lesson was traumatic for little V with 30 minutes of straight crying and screaming.  Second lesson was a success with just three minutes of crying.  Now she talks about her swim instructor friend all week and can’t wait to go back.  We’ve seen huge progress already and I’m sure we will have a talented swimmer before the summer ends.

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Post swim lesson ice cream treat!

Wild Card:  This necklace made it to my list and was a fun project to tackle.  The picture didn’t have any instructions so I had to figure it out on my own.  I purchased a few different embroidery threads and went with a cranberry no. 8 thread and gold beads (shout out to my Gryffindors).  I cut 15 strings about 16 inches long and then threaded 50-100 beads on each string.  This was super easy and just a bit tedious.  I dropped a lot of beads and continue to find them scattered around the house near where I was working.  At least the baby isn’t crawling yet and won’t be eating them? 

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Tah dah!

How did you mix it up this month? Can’t wait to dive into June (two swimming puns in one post is my max, I promise)!

Header Image Sources: Seafood  Buckeye Cake Necklace